Wagtails Charity Shop

Our Wagtails Charity Shop exists to raise much needed funds for our shelter at AWS PE in Victoria Drive.
The money that our shop brings in is essential to help finance the care for the many dogs and cats living at our shelter.

Apart from helping us to raise funds for our shelter, our charity shop also serve the local community by allowing them to shop for affordable, good quality second hand items.

In order for us to raise funds through our shop, we rely on donations, volunteers and of course, shoppers. Although we sell donated items, what you see in the shop is in good condition and often even brand new! We also have treasures of yesteryear, and you may just be able to find that rare and collectible item you have been searching for. And then there's the funky, the modern and contemporary and the useful!

Come and have a look for yourself, you never know what you might find!

Walmer Wagtails Charity Shop

Corner of 6th Avenue & Albert Road, Walmer

Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 16:00
Saturday, 9:00am - 12:00

060 518 0149


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Our Walmer Wagtails Charity Shop has a wonderful and big collection of old and new books, and here's where we keep most of our good quality furniture, electrical items, plants, collectibles and memorabilia. We also have a great selection of contemporary items for sale.

Support Our Wagtails Charity Shop:

Donating is a great way to help us raise funds for our animals, recycle your old items and help out the community. Keep us in mind when cleaning out cupboards, downsizing, revamping, moving house or simply just throwing out unwanted goods. Your gifts to us are what keeps our business flowing. If you are unable to deliver your donation to our shops, please contact us and we'll be happy to collect. (Please see our wishlist below for items we need.)

Browse And Buy
The support of people browsing and buying some of the wonderful and interesting goods we have on display is crucial to keeping our shop open. You will never know what treasures you may find! (Please see our wishlist for items we sell.)

If you're unsure about working with animals, but want to help make a difference in their lives, come and volunteer at our fundraising shop! It's a great place to meet different people, make new friends, learn new skills and have fun. We're always looking for someone who has an eye for fashion, art or literature and we rely on those who have a skill for organising and sorting. Whatever your hobby or interest, we have enough projects to suit most tastes and interests! Your interest, energy and enthusiasm can raise money for a good cause, making a real difference.

Like Us On Facebook
By liking us on Facebook and sharing our posts, you are spreading the word and broadening our exposure. The more people know about us, the greater our chance of making a difference for our cause. It will bring us more support in the form of shoppers, volunteers or donations and in turn we can do what we do best – raise funds to help the lost, abandoned and homeless animals at our shelter! We update our page regularly with new items that are for sale, follow us and you won’t miss out on that great deal!

- Clothes, shoes, accessories
- Jewellery and watches
- Ornamental items
- Collectibles and memorabilia
- Homeware and kitchenware
- Linen/bedding and curtains
- Books and magazines
- Furniture and appliances
- Electrical items
- Computer equipment
- Toys, puzzles and games
- DVD’S, CD’s and videos
- Sport equipment
- Gardening tools and plants

Thankful as we are for donations, we regret that there are goods that we are unable to accept:
- Damaged, broken, dangerous, soiled or unhygienic goods or equipment
- Expired perishables and/or medicines
- Toxic or hazardous substances
- Homemade films or copied videos, tapes, CDs/DVDs
- Broken/damaged electronics and computer equipment (we do accept non-working computer towers)
Please understand that we incur costs for the disposal of items that we cannot sell.