Donate to Animal Welfare PE

We rely on your generous donations to keep our shelter running! Choose from the below options to support our shelter.

Once-off donation

A once-off donation of funds to be used for shelter expenditures.

Sponsor a Sterilisation

A donation of R500 will allow us to sterilise one dog or one cat and help curb the epidemic of uncontrolled breeding.

Membership Fee

Become a member of our Society, or renew your membership online.

Monthtly Recurring Donation

A monthly recurring donation of funds to be used for shelter expenditures.

Donate via PayPal

If you're an AWS PE supporter who lives overseas, you can click here to donate via PayPal.

Sponsor a Dog Kennel or Area

R300pm (for 12 months)
Usually houses 1 adult dog in an individual kennel.

R350pm (for 12 months)
Usually houses 1-2 big dogs or 2-3 small dogs while they wait for their forever homes.

R1000pm (for 12 months)
Houses 1-4 dogs in spacious dog runs which include some or all of the following: grass, sand, trees, boulders, running space and a variety of dog kennels.

Sponsor a Cat Pen or Area

R250pm (for 12 months)
Individual pens, where our new cats go to acclimatise to the shelter environment, where our more “private” cats prefer to live alone or where our cute kittens stay.

R300pm (for 12 months)
Larger pens which usually house two social cats who enjoy each other’s company or longer term individual cats.

R1000pm (for 12 months)
Usually houses 1-4 of our longer term cats while they wait for their purrfect families to find them.

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