Surrendering your Pet

Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision to make. It's also not the kind of decision anyone would want to regret. Therefore, we recommend that you address the problem that leads to you considering surrendering your pet before you make this decision. Is it because your pet is misbehaving? Behavioural training can often correct problems that would otherwise not be correctable. Is because of an allergy? Talk to your doctor, there are many options to treat pet allergies or lessen the amount of fur that your pet is shedding.

Please exhaust every possibility for keeping your pet in the home he knows and is familiar with.

If you have come to the conclusion that there are no other solutions and you have made the decision to find a new home for your pet, you have the option to rehome your pet on your own, via an animal rescue group or you can surrender your pet to an animal rescue group/shelter.

Rehoming Your Pet On Your Own

Notify trusted friends, relatives, neighbours and co-workers that you need to find a new home for your pet. This type of networking can have very positive results, especially if you are able to find your pet a new home within your social network.

No one knows your pet better than you. As the pet's owner, you know his/her likes, dislikes, interests and temperament better than anyone else, and therefore you have a greater chance of finding a successful rehoming arrangement than anyone else. By making a determined effort to find your pet a new home, not only will you be giving him/her a better future, you'll also be creating a future for another animal by leaving a spot open at an animal shelter.

If you feel you have no other choice than to give up your pet, please do the right thing:

- DON’T drop your pet off in the veld or countryside, assuming that it can take care of itself. Pets lack the skills to survive on their own and may die of starvation or injury.

- DON’T abandon your pet in a house or apartment you are moving out of, thinking that someone will eventually find it. This doesn’t always happen. The abandonment of animals is against the law and you will be held legally responsible.

- DON’T give your pet away to a stranger. You don’t know if that person is a responsible owner. Pets that end up in the wrong hands may be abused or used in dog fighting.

- DO try to place your pet with a trusted family member or friend, one who you are confident will love and care for your pet properly and will keep you informed of his/her welfare. Be sure the friend or relative understands the commitment of time and resources your pet requires and that they like the pet because it will be a good fit for their home. You don't want someone else to surrender your pet to a shelter because they wanted to help by taking him/her in without realising the efforts involved in having a pet.

- DO contact a local animal rescue group or shelter in if you have exhausted all other possibilities. Some animal rescue groups may offer to advertise your pet whilst he/she is in your care, ensure that your pet is sterilised before going to a new home and can set up an adoption agreement.

Surrendering Your Pet To AWS PE

We will never turn any animal away. 

If you decide to surrender your pet to us, please ensure that your dog is leashed and that your cat is in a cat carrier. Please also bring your pet's veterinarian records (vet book) and any medications that your pet is taking.

When completing our Surrender Form, you will be asked to complete a “personality profile” about your pet. Information about your pet's health, behaviour, habits, likes and dislikes is very helpful to people considering adopting your pet and helps us decide what kind of home would be best for him/her. Be honest when answering these questions; let us know if your pet has a history of biting, refuses to use the litter box, has a serious or chronic medical condition, or any other problem. Your answers help to determine whether or not your animal should be put up for adoption. It is unfair to pass on severe behavioural or medical issues to another family. Please understand that we cannot rehome a pet that poses a danger to our staff, potential adopters or other animals.

We will do our best to find your pet a new home. However, in every animal shelter, there is too little space and too many animals and your pet may be euthanised.

We request a R300 fee to cover veterinary costs, vaccinations, dipping, deworming, shelter and food for your pet during its stay with us. The average cost to look after and rehome a pet in our care is approximately R1200 per month.