Volunteer At AWS PE

If you are passionate about animals and would like to make a difference in the lives of the dogs and cats that AWS PE rescues and cares for, consider becoming a regular volunteer at the shelter. You’ll never find a more grateful and accepting companion than an animal you’ve spent time with!

You’ll also make lots of new friends by volunteering - and not just the four-legged kind. A love for animals and a commitment to improving their lives can forge lifelong friendships between people.

There are various ways in which volunteers can get involved. Our dogs enjoy regular walks and exercise and our cats love being played with and groomed. We also have a number of small maintenance tasks that we always need help with - gardening, painting, cleaning and sorting out our food store, newspaper room and blanket room. 

Shelter Volunteer Hours and Arrangements

First time volunteers are requested to join our regular group of volunteers, My Best Friend at 9:00 on a Saturday or Sunday for an informal orientation. Our reception staff will redirect you once you’ve completed our indemnity form at the office. Volunteers cannot be accommodated on Mondays.

Learner volunteers are required to contact the office on 041 366 1660 to make bookings for school projects. Learner volunteers can be assisted on weekends, max 4 learners per appointment.

All under 18 volunteers need to be accommodated by an adult for the duration of their visit to the shelter. Please wear comfortable and/or old clothes and shoes!

We have designed a Volunteer Manual which will provide more guidance on our volunteer policies and practises. Please download and familiarise yourself with the content before visiting us. This will ensure that you get the best out of the time spent volunteering with our cats and dogs!

Volunteering at the Wagtails Charity Shop

If you're unsure about working with animals, but want to help make a difference in their lives, come and volunteer at our Wagtails Charity Shop!

It's a great place to meet different people, make new friends, learn new skills and have fun. We're always looking for someone who has an eye for fashion, art or literature and we rely on those who have a skill for organising and sorting. Whatever your hobby or interest, we have enough projects to suit most tastes and interests! Your interest, energy and enthusiasm can raise money for a good cause, making a real difference.

Please phone our Wagtails manager on 060 518 0149 for further information or e-mail on wagtails@awspe.co.za.